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J. Holiday - Fly
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J. Holiday - Fly

I know people change but I hate we’ve changed/ And its killing me trying to figure out where we are/ Cuz it aint the same, girl I’ll take the blame/ And I’m willing to take this chance that you feel we’ve traveled too far/ Lord knows I wanna keep you, life without you I just can’t see it/ But sometimes you gotta let love be what it’s gonna be/ I’ma let you fly and pray you come back to me cuz I do believe/ If I let you fly then you fly back, then it was meant to be/ So fly/ It was only me, taking flights overseas/ But now it’s you cuz they finally realized you’re a star/ Whenever we’re in the same place at the same time/ No we don’t feel the same way, I want to rewind/ Take it back to where things made stop, I think we flown to far/ Fly and all I know to let you do is/ Hey, I wanna fly with you/ I know you/ I know you gotta see what you gotta see/ And I hope you fly back to me if I let ya’

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